“Beer will change the World, I don’t know how; I just know it will”

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What a great name – Keg of Wisdom. It opens itself up to most interesting and funny Beer Facts and Trivia.

This website brings to life a huge variety of the best and most popular Drinking Games, that will without doubt liven up your Saturday Night or any night or that matter… And to ensure you know all the drinking party rules –  Free Printable copies of Drinking dares and questions.

If you are looking a little inspiration for your next party event, Alcohol Recipes or Beer Trivia to impress your friends, you are in the right place.

And lets not forget the next day. Who joins me in being one of the not so lucky party people who suffer from the dreaded  Hangover. Well we have some great Hangover Cures, tips and suggestions to help you get over that big night.

Drinking Games for two people

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Drinking Games

We have have prepared for you the most detailed guide to finding, understanding and playing the best drinking games available. There will be without doubt a game that involves drinking and fun to suit whatever party, celebration or crazy night you are looking for…

These games will vary from from drinking games for two, drinking games for couples, drinking games for 3 or more people, games for drinking with cards or without cards and drinking games that you can buy.

Some games are available for you to print off with lists of never have I ever questions, truth and dare questions that are free for you to download and print as many times as you like and use at as many drinking parties as you wish. We will update the lists as more and questions become available, so book mark that page and keep checking.

Let’s start with some of the most Popular Drinking Games for Two People.

There are lot of you out there who love to chill with a friend or partner so turn your night into a hilarious drinking games night. You will have such a laugh playing  games that involve drinking and fun with 2 people.

Beer Pong for Couples Drinking Games for Couples

If you are looking a bit of fun and romance with your partner, check out Beer Pong for Couples. It will add a touch of naughty spice and lots of laughter to your date night.

Learn how to Play Beer Pong with a twist for Couples

Go Fish Drinking GameGo Fish Drinking Game

Do you remember playing Go Fish as a kid! It is one of the most popular family card games and really easy to understand and play. If you are looking for an simple but fun game to play with your friend or partner then give this one a go.

Learn how to play Go Fish Drinking Game

Keg of wisdom is all about having fun, Beer Facts, and Drinking Games but where excess drinking is involved we do encourage responsible drinking and never Drink and Drive..