Benefits of Drinking Games for Couples

Benefits of Drinking Games for Couples

There are two types of people in the world: those who see the glass half full and those who see it half empty.

What this means is that some people like to see the good in everything out there while others nitpick looking for the bad.

Drinking games are no different – go into a room anywhere and you will find proponents and opponent of these great activities but as you may have guess, we love them.

Sure there are irresponsible college kids out there who get piss drunk and do stupid shit but these games serve and not just in college.. couples can benefit too.

That’s why today I’ll be sharing some awesome benefits of drinking games for couples.

  1. You learn about more each other by venturing into topics that sometimes don’t come up in casual conversation. Games like Never Have I are great for this purpose.You may find out something you didn’t wanna know but too bad for you lol.
  2. Dropped inhibitions – when you’ve had a few drinks in you, you start to loosen up a bit. This is especially good for new couples still getting used to being around each other.
  3. Drunk sex? – similar to #2, after playing a few roundsĀ and you’re both drunk or tipsy, you may both have an urge to do the do. So if either of you is you’re unsure how to take it to the next level, this is a subtle way of saying let’s get drunk and fuck (pardon my French).
  4. If you don’t live together, the drunk shouldn’t drive home so that means you’ll at the very least get to spend a few more hours together.
  5. Laughs – when most people are drunk, everything is funny. After getting through a few rounds, throw on a movie or something and share your laughs together.