Drinking Games For Two People

Drinking Games For Two People

Drinking games are fun games that are usually played by large groups, creating a social atmosphere of fun and learning. But sometimes, we don’t have fifteen, ten or even five people to play with.

In some cases, it may just be you and a buddy or spouse. These are the situations where these games can help you to have to a good time even with limited bodies. Below is a summary of each game.

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Two Truths One Lie

Many of our games are mainly about getting to know your drinking partner. Two Truths – One Lie is one of those games. This is probably the easiest game we have to offer, but if the players are good at lying, it can easily become one of the hardest.You simply state two factual statements and one that is …

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Go Fish

Go Fish is a very popular card game played by as little as two people. It is also very easy to understand and convert to a drinking activity. The 2 minute video below is a quick tutorial on how to play Go Fish but if you prefer to read the instructions over watching the video, CLICK HERE. After you understand the …

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Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette can be played by as little as two persons. It can also be played with shots or beer. Instructions for either are below. Furthermore, if you don’t like to read, video instructions are available at the end of this post.

For shots, start by filling a shot glass with tequila, white rum or some other clear liquor. Next, fill 5 shot glasses with water …

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An awesome drinking game for couples, Snapshot is based on a card game called Snap. Snap can be played by anyone as young as 4 years old but Snapshot, however, is a variation reserved for the big kids like us because it combines the rules of Snap with the deliciousness and after effects of alcoholic beverages …

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Flip, Sip or Strip For Two People

Need another game that doesn’t require a deck of cards? Here’s Flip, Sip or Strip — one of the simplest games on the site. This game needs no skill and is fully governed by luck.

Start by flipping a coin and having your opponent guess the result. If they get it right on the first try, it’s their time to flip …

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The Name Game

This game will test your ability to think quickly – an ability which will waver as you drink more and more. There are two main ways to play this game:

  1. One player starts the game by saying the first and last name of a famous person or a person mutually known by both parties. The next person must …
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Never Have I Ever (For Two People)

Never Have I Ever is another popular game but the best part about it is that it doesn’t require a deck of cards. The only con is that it is more fun when played by a large group and is usually played by a a large group. It can still be adapted to 2 people fairly easily, however …

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Speed Facts

Speed facts is a competition to see who knows more about the opponent. This game requires nothing except an opponent and liquor, of course.

The basic idea is a back and forth exchange between the two players stating facts they know about each other. Each time a player gets a fact wrong or takes more than …

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Keg of wisdom is all about having fun, Beer Facts, and Drinking Games but where excess drinking is involved we do encourage responsible drinking and never Drink and Drive..