Exciting and Sexy Drinking Games for Couples

Exciting and Sexy Drinking Games for Couples

Drinking Games for Couples

If you are looking some ‘Naughty and Sexy’ drinking games for couples to play with your partner, look no further.

Forget the movie and meal date night, instead get cozy and romantic staying at home having some special party time for just the two of you

We have put together a great selection and mix of the best drinking games for couples. They will add more than a touch of spice and fun to your date night.

So get ready to have some naughty fun, take your pick and plan many unforgettable nights.. Drinking games for couples is all about taking the popular drinking games and adding a sexy twist.Drinking Games for Couples

Drinking Game for Couples No 1 – Beer Pong with a Naughty Twist

This is what You will need:

  • Plastic cups – his and hers
  • Shots or favorite drink
  • Ping pong balls
  • Beer Pong table or dining table
  • A list of sexy dares written out and placed  of the cup

Beer Pong has been voted as one of the most popular drinking games but when you turn it  into a drinking game for couples it become super fun.

Let’s get started

It’s a simple easy game

  • Fill up the plastic cups with whatever alcohol you want and put them at his and hers end of the table in a triangle shape
  • Write down dares and place them under the cup or write them on the bottom of the cup..

Tip: have fun making up a list of exciting dares. You do yours and let your partner do their own … that way you are both in a for a surprise… if you need some inspiration check out and print off our “Naughty but Nice List of Dares for Couples”

  • Take it in turns to throw the ping pong ball and land in your partners cup
  • If you land the ping pong  balls in your partners cups, your partner must drink from that cup and perform whatever exciting dare is placed underneath the cup… So much fun, laughter and lots of romance!! You will love playing this game.

Watch this Space, More Sexy Drinking Games for Couples on their way!