Flip, Sip or Strip For Two People

Need another game that doesn’t require a deck of cards? Here’s Flip, Sip or Strip — one of the simplest games on the site. This game needs no skill and is fully governed by luck.

Start by flipping a coin and having your opponent guess the result. If they get it right on the first try, it’s their time to flip. If they don’t guess correctly, however, keep flipping until they get it right or until the coin has been flipped a maximum of three times — whichever comes first.

  1. As mentioned before, if they get it right on the first try, the coin immediately switches hands.
  2. If they get it right on the second try, they must answer any question you have. Ask fun questions that encourage conversation; don’t be afraid to pause the game to have a conversation around your question. In fact, I encourage it! What’s the rush?
  3. If they get it right on the third attempt, your opponent must take a shot.
  4. If they get it wrong all three times, your opponent must take a shot AND remove an article of clothing. If clothes have to be kept on (lame), this can be replaced with something else such as a dare. So if your opponent guesses wrong three times, he/she must take a shot and do a dare.

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