Kings Drinking Game – Full of Adult Humor and Fun

Kings Drinking Game – Full of Adult Humor and Fun

The Kings Drinking Game is known by many names – King’s Cup, Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, Dirty Pint and Doughnut are just a few. This game has spread around the globe and it’s rare to find a culture that doesn’t have their own version. As with most drinking card games the rules tend to vary so feel free to mix things up, just make sure everyone you are playing with understands the rules before you start!

What you Need

Players: 2+ (you may add an extra deck for longer game times or lots of players)

Glass – used as the Kings Cup

Table or Flat Surfacekings Cup rules

Deck of playing Cards

Favorite alcoholic drink – Beer, wine, Shots etc..

Kings Game Rules – Download here to have your copy

Inspiration – Give a Rule – Download here to have your copy

Summary of Kings Drinking Game

The aim of the drinking game is for each player to perform the action linked to the card they pick up. The actions are listed below in the kings game rules. We have added a few alternatives; plus, a printable version for you to download and use at your next game

Aim of the Game

Hilarious fun

Produce Lots of drinking and laughter

Whoever picks up the 4th King must drink the ‘Kings Cup’

King’s Game Rules

  • Place one large glass or Plastic Cup (The Kings Cup) on a table or other flat surface, in the centre of the room.
  • Shuffle and spread a deck of cards around the glass, removing the jokers, creating an unbroken circle of cards.
  •  Each person takes turns picking a card from the circle. Each card has rule attached to it. (See the list below)
  • Follow the actions below.
  • The games ends when someone drink the ‘Kings Cup’


Ace Waterfall When a player picks up an ACE all players perform Waterfall – this is where everyone picks up their drink and starts drinking at the same time. Nobody can ‘stop’ drinking until the player before them stops

Another version

The person who picks this card may drink as long as they want. The next person must drink as long as the next person. Anyone who fails to drink as long as the previous person must down their entire drunk.

2 Give 2 The player who picks up a number 2 can either;

Point to 1 person to take 2 drinks or

Point at 2 people to take a drink

3 3 is me The player who picks up a number 3 – takes 3 drinks
4 Give 2 / take 2 The player who picks up a number 4

Point to a person to take 2 drinks or

Point at 2 people to take a drink

5 Give a Rule The player who picks up a number 5 sets a rule that must be followed. It can be anything so you may want to set some boundaries on what’s allowed – otherwise, there’s nothing stopping a rule being unfair!

“If your name’s Dave you have to drink every time someone else does” is one example of an unfair but legal rule!

Click here for more inspiration on rules

6 Thumbs The player who picks up a number 6 must place their thumbs on the table, as quick as possible. Then the rest catch on and the last person to get their thumbs on the table takes a drink.
7 Raise your Hand Heaven The player who picks up a number 7 must raise their hand. The last player to raise their hand drinks.
8 Mate The player who picks up a number 8 must choose a ‘mate’ whenever you drink your mate must drink with you. . If everyone picks the same person, we’re not responsible for any clean-up!
9 Nine is Rhyme The player who picks up a number 9 says any word they can think of, the player to their right must say a new word that rhymes with that word. Each player takes turn and must rhyme each word. This round ends when a player cannot think of a word that rhymes… they must take a drink.
10 Categories The player who picks up a number 10 makes up a category of things. for example, types of Pokemon, cars… slang for genitalia. Anything goes! The player to the right must find something that falls into that category. This round ends when a player cannot think of a word / thing that fits into that category and they take a drink.
Jack Guys Drinks This is an easy one – all the guys take a drink
Queen Girls Drink Another easy one – all the girls take a drink
King Kings Cup This is what the whole Kings Drinking Game is about. “The Kings Cup”. At the centre of the table sits the ‘Kings Cup’ If you pick up a King, you must fill up the cup with some of your drink. If you’re playing with one deck, fill the glass up by a quarter. If you are playing with two, fill it up by an eighth. The person who gets the last King must down the resulting mix of drinks!


Kings Game Rules, Inspiration  for – Give a Rule

  • Penguin hands – you must keep both your hands rigid and flat. You cannot use your hands to grip your beer! When picking up your beer, open the palms of your hands flat and somehow hold and drink your beer!


  • Guess a Suit. Before you lift the card, you must take a guess at which suit you think it is. If you get it right, tell someone to take a drink. If you get it wrong, you take a drink.


  • If you curse – put your chin on the table. Leave it there, you get released when the next person curses. Its hysterical watch someone attempt to drink will their chin is on the table… Be prepared to cry laughing.
  • When you laugh, you can’t show your teeth


  • When you speak you must say three word sentences. – Drink face off


  • Forehead on the table – like the rule thumbs but instead of your thumb you must use your forehead! The last person to get their forehead on the table must drink. It’s hilarious, as you can’t see anyone you work out who was last by the nose and shouting… Maybe a few bruises!!


  • You must the person to your left by an opposite gender name. For Example: Danielle – Danial; Stephanie = Steve; Paula = Paul etc..


  • Licktator – You must lick a playing card, then stick it to your fore head. If it remains stuck to your forehead you don’t have to follow any rules. If it falls of – take a drink


  • T-Rex Arms – When you drink, you must lock your elbows close to your sides – that’s T-Rex arms. Don’t forget, or you will have to drink again.


  • Repeat the last word you say say!!


  • Everyone must speak with accent different from their own


  • Make up a nickname for the player on your left. You must call everyone by their newly appointed nicknames throughout the rest of the game.


  • You must always refer to yourself in Plural. We need; we go etc…


  • Jurassic Bend and Snap – do the best Legally Blonde-style Bend and Snap possible, but with T-rex arms and finally a roar before you drink.


  • Everyone must from now on say the word ‘meow ‘ instead of the word ‘now’


Click here to print off a copy Kings Cup Drinking Game Rules

Click here to print of a copy Kings Cup Inspiration Rules to give to other players


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