The Name Game

This game will test your ability to think quickly – an ability which will waver as you drink more and more. There are two main ways to play this game:

  1. One player starts the game by saying the first and last name of a famous person or a person mutually known by both parties. The next person must then say the first and last name of a person whose first name starts with the first letter of the last name the opponent just named.
    For example:
    Person A –> John Doe
    Person B –> Derek Jeter
    Person A –> Jack Nicholson
    Person B –> Nicki MinajThe hard part of the game is that each player has a limited time to come up with a name. I’d say a good time  limit is about 5 seconds. If a player is stumped, he/she must take a drink.
  2. Instead of using people’s names, other things can be used such as animal names, food, or just random first names alone.
    For example:
    Person A –> cat
    Person B –> tiger
    Person A –> rabbit
    Person B –> turtle

Words and names should not be repeated and again, if you get stumped, you must take a shot.

To arrive at a winner, I suggest doing a best out of 7 or 9 series and the loser has to take an extra shot.