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Exciting Drinking Games for Couples

Exciting & Sexy Drinking Game

If you are looking some Naughty Fun and Romance with you partner, check out this  great Couples Drinking Game.

Spin the Bottle Drinking Game

Claire and I have looked at every variation of spin the bottle a drinking games for couples and this is the best version we could find

Flip, Sip or Strip Drinking Game

Flip, Sip or Strip is such a popular drinking game, especially for 2 people. We have added our own variations. Check it out

Coin Drinking Games

AnchorMan Drinking Game

This is one of the Best Coin Drinking Games.  It is competitive and perfect for a larger group of people split into 2 teams. Read More

Spinners Coin Drinking Game

This Drinking Game can be a bit of a challenge if you haven’t mastered the art of spinning a coin. But it’s easy to learn and worth the effort. Read More 

Up Jenkins Coin Drinking Game

Learning to play this Coin Drinking Game was so much fun and I highly recommend you give it a go if you haven’t already. Read More

Drinking Games for 2

Strip Tease Dice Drinking Game

If you are looking for spicy fun, look no further. This game will get you naked and merry in no time. Plus a strip tease lesson from Jennifer Aniston Read More

Drunk Jenga Drinking Game

Drunk Jenga is a fun twist to the classic Jenga game that everybody loves. It is more fun and exciting because it involves drinking!

Chuckie's Drinking Game

The basics of Chuckie’s coin drinking game. This is speed drinking game played by 2 people with a race against time where the loser pays the price.

Drinking Games for Couples

Snapshot Drinking Game

Snapshot drinking game is an all-time favourite. Today we have spiced it up with a few twists variations for you to have fun with. Read More

Body Shot Drinking Game

What is a body shot? A body shot is a shot of alcohol, drank off different parts the body using just the mouth. Learn how to play

List of Sexy Dares

So you are ready to let your hair down and have a night to remember with your partner. Check out the list of sexy dares

Card Drinking Games

Go Fish Drinking Game

Voted one of the top most played  card games that involves lots of drinking and partying.How to Play Go Fish Drinking Game

Horse Race Drinking Game

 Read our simple but details instructions on how to play Horse Race Drinking Game including Kentucky Derby Drinking Game and the famous Mint Julep 

Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Ride the Bus is one of the most popular drinking games and a personal favourite. Learn How to play Ride the Bus Drinking Game rules and the online

Popular Drinking Games

Online Drinking Games for 2

 Online Drinking Games are a surprisingly great alterative and really worth giving them a try. Enjoy my guide to online drinking Games

Body Shot Drinking Game

What is a body shot? A body shot is a shot of alcohol, drank off different parts the body using just the mouth. Learn how to play

Speed Facts Drinking Game

Speed facts is a competition to see who knows more about their opponent. For any who is looking for a simple, easy drinking game

Board Drinking Games


Drink-a-Palooza is a drinking board game that includes all the most popular drinking games. Including Kings Cup. Waterfall. High and Low. Flip Cup. Quarters.How to Play Drink-A-Palooza

How to Play Drinkopoly

If you love drinking games that involve truth, dares and spicy fun this one is for you. All ready to go in a box. How to Play Drinkopoly

Battle Shots Drinking Game

I was huge fan of the game battleships as a kid. With my passion for playing any game that involves partying and drinking, Battle shots is top of my list.

Drinking Trivia and Other Stuff

The Hangover Cure

There is  a poll that says “people spend 2 years of their lifetime hungover!” I can believe it! But is there a Cure? Read More


Kevin Gates Quotes

This is the premier source of interesting and inspirational Kevin Gates Quotes, lyrics and sayings from his interviews and songs

Pre Gaming 101

So, what exactly is Pre-Gaming. Also, known as pre-loading and pre drinking, prefunking, home Drinking and Prinking!! Learn Here

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