Another Easy but Impressive Coin Drinking Game Spinners

This is Coin Drinking Game can be a bit of a challenge if you haven’t mastered the art of spinning a coin. The good news is, it’s easily learnt and no way as hard as you might think. And worth the effort

 The basics of playing this Coin Drinking Game is for the first player to start by spinning a quarter on a table. The next player then must either keep it spinning or stop the coin from spinning by using one finger. Tricky but fun.

Skill Requirements:

  • Coin spinning Skills

 What you need

  • Beer
  • Group of People
  • Quarter
  • Flat Table

Here’s what to do 

  • Get everyone to stand around the table
  • One person has the quarter
  • With the end of their finger they hold the quarter on the edge of the table
  • With a bit of skill, he/she lets go, at the same time spins the quarter so it spins across the table
  • As soon as the coin spins and moves the same player calls out a name of someone around the table.

That person must either:

  1. Stop the coin from spinning using only their index finger while keeping the coin on its edge
  2. Keep the coin moving and spinning by re- spinning (hitting the coin) keeping it on its edge. Then calling out another person’s name to continue

Drinking Rules

  • If the quarter spins off the table the player responsible must take a drink
  • If the quarter falls and stops spinning before the player can stop it or re-spin it – Take a drink
  • If it lands on heads take an extra drink

Impress your Drinking Game Friends – Learn How to Spin a Quarter like a Pro

There are a few ways to become a champion coin spinner and it just takes a little practice.

Option 1 – Using 2 hands

  • Place a coin on its round edge, on a flat surface
  • Put your first 2 fingers, pointing away from you (with your thumb tucked away) on top of the edge of the coin. Hold it in place
  • With your thumb from your free hand, push the coin to the left while you 2 fingers go to the right


  • Hold the quarter between your 2 hands using index fingers and thumbs
  • Spin the coin by pushing forward with one hand and pulling back with the other. (checkout  video below)

Option 2 – Using one hand

  • Place your index finger on top of the coin
  • Using you thumb on the same hand flick the coin away

Option 3 – Flip the coin 

  • Put your hand in a loose fist on its side
  • place the coin at the end of your bent index finger
  • With you thumb under the edge of the coin, flip the coin off the finger
  • Get creative and lift your hand higher!

The key to practice, practice, practice…

Check out these cool videos  for a visual on how to spin your quarter.

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