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Drinking Games

Hi, my name is Ethan and i am an expert with anything to do with beer and playing drinking games. believe me i have tried them all together with my girlfriend Claire and our Friends

A Professional Blogger by day and the Best Bartender by night…

Keg of Wisdom is all about laughing out loud, fun and entertainment…

The Best Drinking Games, Funny Quotes and Heaps of Nonsense. Everything you need to spice up and turn your drinks party into a raving success.  Look out for new and exciting drinking games and games for two people, with twists and turns you have not seen before. 

And let’s face it… Beer, wine, drinking games has been part of our lives for ever… we all love to drink and party

It’s social, emotional, the taste of a great beer, it unwinds you and helps you relax and in many cases, it ends in extreme pain the next day… The Hangover

But we keep coming back for more….

Popular Drinking Games

Online Drinking Games for 2

 Online Drinking Games are a surprisingly great alterative and really worth giving them a try. Enjoy my guide to online drinking Games

Body Shot Drinking Game

What is a body shot? A body shot is a shot of alcohol, drank off different parts the body using just the mouth. Learn how to play

Speed Facts Drinking Game

Speed facts is a competition to see who knows more about their opponent. For any who is looking for a simple, easy drinking game

Board Drinking Games


Drink-a-Palooza is a drinking board game that includes all the most popular drinking games. Including Kings Cup. Waterfall. High and Low. Flip Cup. Quarters.How to Play Drink-A-Palooza

How to Play Drinkopoly

If you love drinking games that involve truth, dares and spicy fun this one is for you. All ready to go in a box. How to Play Drinkopoly

Battle Shots Drinking Game

I was huge fan of the game battleships as a kid. With my passion for playing any game that involves partying and drinking, Battle shots is top of my list.

Drinking Trivia and Other Stuff

The Hangover Cure

There is  a poll that says “people spend 2 years of their lifetime hungover!” I can believe it! But is there a Cure? Read More


Kevin Gates Quotes

This is the premier source of interesting and inspirational Kevin Gates Quotes, lyrics and sayings from his interviews and songs

Pre Gaming 101

So, what exactly is Pre-Gaming. Also, known as pre-loading and pre drinking, prefunking, home Drinking and Prinking!! Learn Here

Hi, my Name is Ethan, my partner Claire and I designed Keg of Wisdom to provide entertainment. We do not support excessive alcohol, irresponsible behaviour, drink driving or underage drinking. We ask that you know your limitations and please drink responsibly