The Mechanics of the Circle of Death Drinking Game

The Circle of Death Drinking Game is commonly played in basements and frat houses. It is a pretty cool game that makes parties even more fun. If you are new to college and are looking to make new friends, you can suggest playing this game at a party. You will surely make a good impression and instantly gain popularity.

How to Start the Circle of Death Drinking Game

The Circle of Death rules are simple and easy to follow.

  • First, you must put a mug at the center of the table.
  • Then, you and your friends sit around it.
  • Everyone must focus on the game.

Get a deck of cards.

Shuffle it and spread out the fifty-two cards, face-down and surrounding the mug.

The players must pull out cards in a clockwise manner. Every card represents a certain action that the players must do throughout the game.

What Happens When Players Pull Out the Following Cards?

Ace – When a player draws an ace, he gets the power to make the rules. For example, he can require all players to hold their cups using their left hand or not utter any cuss words while playing.

Two – The player who draws a 2 gets to choose another player and make him take a drink.

Three – The player who draws a 3 has to take a drink.

Four – When a 4 is drawn, all female players should take a drink.

Five – This card can either represent jive or drive. You can go for whichever floats your boat. The rules of this game are not very strict, so you can have fun with them.

If you choose “jive”, you have to perform an act or a dance move in front of the other players. The player next to you has to do the exact same thing and then add a move of his own. The player next to him has to do the same and also adds another move. The cycle continues until a player makes a mistake and has to take a drink.

If you choose “drive”, you can choose the direction in which all the players have to go to. Everyone has to pretend that they are driving a car. Since you drew a 5, you have to be the leader. Point your thumb either to the left or to the right while you say “vroom”. The player whom you pointed to should either follow your direction or change it. He can also screech. You lose when you reverse the traffic flow or you screech but continue driving.

Six – When this card is drawn, all male players should take a drink.

Seven – When this card is drawn, all players should point towards the ceiling. The last or slowest player to do it has to take a drink.

Eight – If you draw an 8, you get to choose any other player to drink with you.

Nine – If you draw a 9, you have to come up with a word or phrase that every other player has to rhyme with. The player who fails to say a word that rhymes with your word or the last word in your phrase has to take a drink.

Ten – The player who draws a 10 gets to select any category, such as breeds of dogs or Asian countries. Everyone in your group should say something that belongs in this category. The player who is not able to come up with a fitting answer or repeats the answer of another player has to take a drink.

Jack – The last player(s) to drink should take another drink.

Queen – The player who draws a queen should ask the other players a question and has to get another question as a response. Anyone who does not answer with a question or laughs after being asked has to take a drink.

King – The player who draws the last king from the deck has to finish up the liquor inside the mug. An interesting twist to this is that the other players who also got a king should pour part of their drink into the mug.

When Does the Circle of Death Drinking Game Ends?

The Circle of Death Drinking Game ends when the fourth and final king from the deck of cards is drawn.

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