How to Get Rid of Hangovers quickly!

Can you believe there is actually a poll the says people spend 2 years of their lifetime hungover!

But, is there a hangover cure that really works. As sufferer myself from hangovers, after a big or small night of fun and drinking, I made it my quest to find how to get rid of hangovers and here I am sharing everything I have found and learnt with you. They maybe not be scientifically proven but they work.

If you are one of the rare lucky ones that don’t suffer in the next day with the dreaded hangover then we either need to know your secret or how did you get soo lucky!!

If you ask any party lover what the worst thing about drinking games and nights out on the town, it will be the dreaded hangover.

Why do we get Hangovers?

The Body response the next day to a big night out! First let’s understand what’s going on with the body and the after effects of that fun night and then we can look at the best ways to get rid of it as quickly as possible

  • Number One – Dehydration. Alcohol removes the body of fluids. Yes, that’s why you pee a lot. This causes vomiting, nausea and fatigue
  • Lowers the blood sugar causing the feeling of weakness
  • When you consume alcohol, the liver produces acetaldehyde, which is responsible for the Hangover

Why is it some people don’t get hangovers.

There is always someone you know that doesn’t seem to suffer from any sign of a hangover even though you know they have been drinking all night.

Chances are it’s down to their metabolism. Their body can break down acetaldehyde (produced by the liver when drinking alcohol) at a slower rate, resulting in the body’s ability to prevent hangover symptoms.

How Long Does a Hangover Last?

Depending on the amount and mixture of alcohol consumed, you can expect it to last as long as 24 hours!! The only good thing is that you know it will eventually go..
In some cases where the hangover can hang around longer especially as you get older. The body must break down the alcohol and remove the toxins from the body.

How to Get Rid of Hangovers

People will try some strange combinations to ease hangovers. Food such as ginger, Tomato juice and bananas have proven to work and are well known for their nausea reducing and energizing properties. When you wake up the next morning, here are a list of hangover remedies tips to help you get rid of that hangover as fast as possible..

Good old water – without doubt this is the number one priority in curing your hangover fast. If you wonder why you pee so much when you are drinking, well it’s because the alcohol stimulates the body to increase urine. This then causes the body to dehydrate which results in a hangover. If only we could remember in between all that fun and alcohol to drink lots of water we would not suffer so much! Drink as much water as possible to get the body rehydrated. As much as you may crave a coffee, stay away from the caffeinated beverages as they will continue to dehydrate your body.

Sleep and More Sleep – Sleep will be your best friend to recover. Good quality sleep will help your body recover so don’t feel guilty sleep as much as you can.

Food containing Potassium – After a night of fun, games and drinking, apart from the body becoming dehydrated it also loses potassium by ‘peeing so much’. Foods with potassium will help the hangover cure process. Try adding bananas, Kiwi fruit, coconut water and honey to a smoothie

Ginger – Ginger has been known for a long time as an amazing herbal and home remedy for Hangovers. Especially for nausea and vomiting. If ever go cruising you will find freely available on ships to settle the stomach when the ship hits some rough weather. There are lots of ways you can take ginger. From chewing, adding it hot water to make a tea and adding it to a smoothie.

Peppermint – peppermint is known to help nausea and digestion and is a great addition to your hangover cure list. It can help speed up the detox process and which will get you back to normal quicker

Lemon – Lemon is ideal to restore blood sugar and balance alkaline levels. It helps eliminate the spinning head, headaches and nausea. Squeeze lemon into a glass of warm water and add some honey. Drink regularly during the day and you will feel better in no time

Tomato Juice – Tomato Juice can aid to the removal of your hangover. It is full of vitamins and will help to eliminate the toxin caused by alcohol

Electrolytes – Hydrate the body with electrolytes by eating water melon, drinking kefir, drinking coconut water.

Coconut Water – Coconut water is the new health drink that seems to be popping up everywhere. But with its nutrient properties, potassium and high electrolyte content it is going to help hydrate your faster.

Eggs – Thank goodness for eggs. It’s the one thing that I crave when I have an hangover. Its contains an amino acid called L-cysteine which helps break down all those toxins and restore energy.

Milk Thistle – this could be a herb that is handy to keep at home. It helps support the liver in eliminating toxins. It will help speed up the detox process  

Pedialyte  – This is new one I have found, although it won’t  doesn’t claim to cure your hangovers,  but it helps hydrate the body which can speed up the hangover process. Originally found in the baby’s section as to help with dehydration, it started becoming popular in 2015 when adults started taking it, which resulting in a cure for their hangovers.

Bartender’s Hangover Cure

I had to add this is as a bit of fun. I am sure there are a few of you out there who use the bartender’s Hangover cure.


Many people swear that having another beer in the morning is the simplest and best method for surviving a hangover. While there’s no scientific evidence to back this up, it has been commonly practiced since the times of the Roman Empire, and they were smart enough to invent calendars and concrete! We’re less convinced by people who swear by drinking raw eggs and Tabasco sauce but if you’re feeling brave (or desperate!) here’s a few recipes for the infamous “bartender’s hangover cure”



  • 12oz beer
  • 4oz tomato juice
  • 1 egg
  • 1oz vodka – only for the brave

Simple instructions

  • Full a glass with tomato juice
  • Add the beer
  • Crack open an egg on top of the beer and drink!


  • 4oz cold tomato juice
  • Black pepper to taste
  • 12oz cold light beer or 1oz + vodka with ice for Bloody Beer!
  • 1 egg
  • Tabasco sauce to taste
  • 2 squirts of Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 squirts of lime juice

Simple instructions

  • Add all ingredient to jar with a screw top
  • Shake
  • Pour into your glass

A few variations to replacing the Vodkas – Can’t honest say I have tried any of these or will I ever … but somebody has!

  • Bloody Maria – Replace Vodka with Tequila
  • Bloody Cab – Replace Vodka with Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Bloody Maureen – Replace Vodka with Guinness Bloody Molly – Replace Vodka with Irish Whiskey


Not sure who invents these names but its true – we suffer

  • 1/2oz bourbon
  • 1/2oz gin
  • 1 1/2oz ginger ale
  • optional squirt of bitters

Simple instructions

  • put ice in a glass
  • Add all ingredients
  • Stir and add fresh if feel like garnishing the drink! Can’t imagine anyone feeling remotely like garnishing their drink, while their head is pounding.

 Just as a reminder, this article is written in a lighted hearted manor and no way endorses the excessive consumption of alcohol especially the morning after!


What to avoid on the morning of your hangover

When recovering from a hangover, your aim is to eliminate the toxins and hydrate your body. There are a few things we tend to do that may make us feel better temporary but are not helping the hangover.

  • Greasy food
  • Sports drinks
  • Coffee

How to prevent the Hangover in the first place

Interesting FactsDon’t drink as much! – Drinking less is the most obvious answer and the least fun. While we’re certainly not likely to follow the tip anytime soon, it’s also the only sure-fire way to completely avoid a two-day hangover.

Drink water –  Alcohol manages to dehydrate you even though you’re drinking lots of liquid, causing lots of unpleasant side effects. Drinking a pint of water to every pint of beer is a sure-fire way of avoiding the worst effects of a hangover but if you can’t do that make sure to drink plenty the next day.

Eat before you drink – It’s common knowledge that drinking without eating anything will result in you getting drunk much quicker. This is because food reduces the speed at which your body absorbs alcohol. Eat a meal with plenty of vitamins A and B such as eggs and meats, which are depleted by alcohol consumption before you go out and try to snack (healthily!) while drinking.

Avoid Cheap and Darker Alcohol – Congeners are a chemical found in higher quantities in dark and cheap alcohol.  Some peoples have a much harder time processing these nasty chemicals, and if you commonly suffer from two-day hangovers, you’re likely to be one of them. Try switching to a more premium brand of beer or swapping dark spirits for white rum, vodka or gin and see if you feel any better the next day.

Vitamin B6 – It has been found that if you take 1,200 mg of Vitamin B6 before you start your night of partying and alcohol, you are less likely to get a hangover!

Hangover Pills – Since the earliest days of drinking, people have woken up and wished that there was a magic pill they could take to cure their hangover. Luckily for us, we live in a time of incredible human achievement, and such a thing does exist! Sobur hangover pills have exploded in popularity recently, and the internet is full of positive reviews.

Interesting Facts


  • Do you know – Women who drink between 3 to 5 drinks are more likely to have hangover symptoms the next day
  • Approx 20% who drink high amounts of alcohol don’t suffer from hangovers
  • The longest hangover recorded lasted up to 4 weeks when a Scotsman drank 60 pints of beer
  • Researches in Australian say if you drink Korean pear juice before you consume alcohol it reduces the chances of a hangover and lowers blood alcohol levels.
  • Stewart Adams who patented Ibuprofen tested it as a cure for his hangover in 1961
  • When you drink darker liquor for example brandy, whiskey, dark beers, red wine etc.. – . These are a hangover nightmare.