Movie Drinking Games For Two Persons

Sometimes all you need for a good drinking game is actually just a fun movie. It doesn’t even need to be great, because for every good movie drinking game, you’ll be drunk before the quarter mark anyway. And by time you’re drunk, the movie will get even better because everything is funnier once you get some liquor in your system. Worse if it’s a comedy..

If you’ve never been drunk before, take my word for it!

So don’t worry about the entertainment value of the show too much. The only real purpose of the show is to give you a queue to take a drink. You can do this with a friend or a significant other, a large group or a small one – it is very versatile and easy to do because it require no tools except a tv or a computer.

The rules are simple, chose a film from the list below, read the rules and have a good time. To ensure the integrity of the game, pay attention to when the specific things happen and NO CHEATING.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start to make up your own and like all games on this site, it can be played by as little as 2 persons.


A very hilarious one while sober. Can you imagine it while you’re drunk? Well you don’t have to imagine – do it!

The rules are simple, you take a drink when:

  • Somebody says cancer
  • Wade/Deadpool says Francis
  • Deadpool breaks the 4th wall. ie, when he addresses to the audience directly
  • Francis/Ajax asks “what’s my name”
  • Slow motion occurs

The Hunger Games

This one is a little more serious but the seriousness will quickly fade by the quarter mark I mentioned earlier.

  • When someone says the word “district”
  • When a tribute dies
  • Drinking your entire cup or take 4 shots when Rue dies. RIP 🙁

I just included this one to show you how easy and versatile you can be with your selection. See how easy that is? This can be done with virtually any movie out there but if you need some inspiration, here’s are two separate lists of 20 and 25 you can check out.