Ethan’s impressive Guide to online drinking games for 2

I am a traditional drinking game fan, but recently a friend asked if I had ever played any online drinking games with my partner… I can honestly say at that time I hadn’t…

So what are Online Drinking Games for 2? Well they are a variety drinking games for two or more  people that have been designed to be played on your phone, tablet, computer or TV. They are simple and easy to learn, they can be downloaded in minutes and are Free to play.

I decided I needed to check them out and see what was available. I was in for a very pleasant surprise, there are loads of great drinking games available for playing online. It has taken a bit of time to go through them and is still a working progress. There were many I really like and lots I discarded.

My partner Claire and I regularly add drinking games to our social night, and we made it my mission to research and play as many of the online drinking games for 2 as possible!

Here is the start of our run down on what we liked. Like many apps there are paid and free versions. The free version on some of these drinking game apps are limited but if you love you game you may decide it’s worth paying for the full version.

As there are lot’s of online drinking games, this is just the first in a series of articles. Let me know your feed back and  any recommendations.

Drink and Tell

This is really good value for a free online drinking game app. We enjoyed playing it. There are plenty of free questions (which were funny, sexy and pushed the boundaries…)  before you got to the paid version.

We still have heaps of questions to go…  It was quick, easy and simple to understand and it’s a great drinking game to play on the spur of the moment, without any planning.

How to play

The games consists of categories – Free and Paid

The free categories are:

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Life and death
  • Personality
  • Ethics

If you run out of questions, there are a heap more but you need to pay.

Paid categories – Cost: $2.50 per category

  • Relationships
  • Adults only
  • Outrageous
  • Would U rather
  • Mixed
  • Pop culture
  • Politics
  • Embarrassment

The instructions are easy to follow; here is a summary

  • Choose a player to go first.
  • The player picks a category from the list provided.
  • You, read out loud to your partner the question and the multiple choice of answers.
  • Once your partner has clearly heard the question and choice of answers. Without them looking you tap in your answer
  • Your partner (or other players) them call out what answer by guessing what they think you will pick
  • You tap to reveal your answer
  • If your partner has guessed wrong they take a drink.
  • Pass phone / tablet to your partner for their turn.

This is a really simple game but the questions are a lot of fun and will cause heaps of laugher and maybe stir things up a bit!

A few examples of the questions and multiple choice answers

Category-  love

Question: As a surprise present my partner of 1 month names a star after me. What is my reaction

A.  seriously, that’s the cutest thing ever

B.  it’s the thought that counts

C.  oh cute, another star named after me

D.  I hope they get a refund

Question: How successful would i be as a contestant on bachelor/ bachelorette

A. I would walk out of the show

B. I’m way to introverted to last on reality TV

C. I honestly have no idea

D. I defiantly would be a final contestant

Question: What would I do if my partner made a move on me and I wasn’t in the mood for sex

A. I’m always in the mood

B.  do it anyway

C.  Tell them; not tonight

D.  roll over and pretend to be asleep

Category: Sex

Question: If a hot woman slapped their boobs on my face, how would that make me feel

A.  turned on

B.  confused

C.  Sore from the pain

D.  Laugh

Question: Have i had sex in 2 different countries in 24 hours

A.  what! No, how is that even possible

B.  No but it is on my bucket list

C.  yes, but just the one time

D.  yes, i am a frequent flyer

Question: My ex and their very attractive partner, invite me for a 3some would I join them

A.  it would be way too awkward with my ex

B.  I’m not into 3somes

C.  if i was super drunk then possibly

D.  that would be hot

Never Have I Ever

There are several online versions of this popular drinking Never Have I Ever to choose from. We have tried a few and here is what I thought of them.

Never Ever Drinking & Sex Game

Looking at the title of this game its odd to understand why the sexy part comes with the paid portion of the app and not free!

But It’s a very easy game and can be played by 2 people.

Here’s what you do

You add your names (players) at the beginning and tap the let’s have fun button.

Choose from 5 categories; 3 that are free and 2 you pay for.

 Free Categories

  • Soft
  • Party
  • Random mode – Questions from a mixture soft and Party category

Paid categories

  • Hot –  Naughty section
  • No Mercy

Tap your chosen category

Take it in turns to answer the question with either Never – or I have

What we liked was that it is so basic and simple. Claire and I can head down to the local pub and play it from our phones, have a great drink and a laugh without disturbing anyone…

Not sure we would pay for the additional categories. We will decide when we have gone through every question!

Never Have I ever

Our Best Pick – love this game and all categories included in Free version

Known as the spiciest drinking party game that is in the palm of your hand. Like all never have I ever games the aim is to reveal the truth by answering a range of questions that are meant to push the limits.  If you have done it … take a drink

Here’s what you do

You read the question out load and answer with I never or I have… The best thing about this game is all the categories are included in the free version and the questions are endless. You get ads that pop up but they really weren’t a problem for us…We are playing all these online drinking games as a couple, but there is no limit to the fun you would have if you had friends join you

 The categories included are:

  • Dirty & Sex
  • Relationships
  • School
  • Drinking
  • Work
  • Law
  • Random Game

Kings Cup

Kings Cup Online Drinking Game

We had to give this traditional drinking game a try and see how it’s played online

What we immediately liked about this online version of kings Cup is the clean easy layout and instructions. We loved this online drinking game and plan to many times with our friends.

Here’s what you do

After downloading the app you are presented with 3 options on the opening page.

  •  Play – enter the game
  • Option – Set up options

Start by going into options – Here you will see:

  • Card Rules
  • Card Select – Drag or Tap
  • Card size – Large or Small

The Card Rule option gives you the ability to:

  • Read and Understand the rule belonging to each card
  • Change the rule – choose from a selection
  • Add a new Rule – add you own rule.

The great thing about this is you can personalise this game to suit you, especially if there are 2 of you playing. You can change the rules and add your favourite to suit 2 players.

How to Play Kings Cup – online Version

  • Place a large cup (Kings Cup) In the centre of your table
  • Press the play tap on the opening screen
  • Add the number of players
  • A deck of cards will be laid out in a circle and face down
  • 1st player to pick a card by tapping or dragging the card (set this up in options)
  • Once tapped the card will turn over
  • Each card has a rule. You can either use the standard rules or change them in options
  • Follow the rule instructions on the card


  •  3 of Spades – Three for Me
  • Rule:  The player who picks this card drinks 3 fingers

Every time a king is picked from the deck the player pours part of their drink into the kings Cup. Whoever picks the last king get to drink the mixture of alcohol in the kings Cup. There is no doubt this is a great drinking game. There best part is that you can alter the rules to make it work for 2 people. Or just play it with a group of friends.

Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus Online Drinking Game

This is another awesome online drinking game that both Claire and like loved playing. Again, it the simplicity of the game and the ease in which you can play have hooked us both.

This is game of luck and guessing and is played with cards. No skill required at all!!!

The aim of the online version of Ride the Bus drinking game is for each player to stop at 4 or 5 bus stops. At each stop you will asked to pick a card and then guess the answer a question related to next card the dealer will deal. Get it right and you move forward to the next stop, get it wrong, you take a drink and start again…  It’s that simple! For full details and description of the online version of ride the bus click here as well as an Awesome Version of How to Play Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Drink-o-Tron online drinking game for 2 people

Drink- o –Tron have a whole list on online drinking games, some are ok for 2 people, while most need to be played with a group of friends.

We have listed a few for you to consider as they are worth having a go…. The best features are they are simple and can be played anywhere and anytime.

Drink-o-Tron – Drunk Potato

The rules

Just press play and a card will appear with an instruction to follow. The instructions will vary fro:

  • Trivia
  • Sexy
  • An impression
  • Sing a song
  • Complete the challenge and move onto the next player
  • Don’t do the challenge Drink 3

 Example of the questions

  • Name 3 parts of the body the get sunburned
  • List 3 Names a Stripper Might Have
  • Name 3 Famous Robots
  • Name 3 Things Wrong with Your Life
  • Explain Harry Potter as Fast As You Can

Drink-o-Tron – Balagan

We really liked this game. You get to enter the number of players and then our names. Your names get included in the actions which I thought was so cool.

The rules

  • Enter the number of players’ (delete players as needed) Then enter your names
  • There are 3 Free categories to choose from and 10 you can buy for 99cents each or all categories for $3.99
3 categories that are Free

  • Random
  • Drinking
  • Action

10 Categories to pay for

  • Couples
  • Best Friends
  • Sexy Couples
  • Categories
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Rule Master
  • Pop Culture
  • Truth or Dare
  • Would you rather
  • Conversations

How to Play 

  • Tap the play button – Note: If you press and of the categories you get a sample card. Hit the x and press play
  • Press the spin button to start
  • A game will appear with an instruction to follow…

The first card that appeared for Claire and I said:

Duelling Accents – Russian

Ethan vs Claire

Whoever has the worst accent drinks

We thought this was hilarious … believe or not Claire a better Russian accent than me!!

You then just spinning and have a laugh

Watch This Space More Online Drinking Games Coming !!

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