Never Have I Ever (For Two People)

Never Have I Ever is another popular game but the best part about it is that it doesn’t require a deck of cards. The only con is that it is more fun when played by a large group and is usually played by a a large group. It can still be adapted to 2 people fairly easily, however!

Basically, Never Have I Ever is a verbal game where you get to learn about your opponent and as the liquor gets deeper in your system, secrets and interesting experiences start to come out. You play by stating something you’ve never done, seen or experienced and if your opponent has done the action described, he/she must take a shot. Whether your opponent has done it or not, it is now their turn to declare something they haven’t done. Example below:

Person A: Never have I ever had sex in public.

Person B: **takes a shot**

This means that person B has had sex in public before. Still don’t get it? There’s a video at the bottom of this post explaining the game. To prevent the game from moving too fast, or someone getting drunk in 3 minutes, take a few minutes to talk about the Never Have I declarations you find interesting. For example, if I was Person A above, I’d want to know the story behind Person B’s adventure(s). Do not rush the game.

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Video of how to play Never Have I ever: