Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Russian Roulette can be played by as little as two persons. It can also be played with shots or beer. Instructions for either are below. Furthermore, if you don’t like to read, video instructions are available at the end of this post.

For shots, start by filling a shot glass with tequila, white rum or some other clear liquor. Next, fill 5 shot glasses with water. If you want, you may fill 2 or more shot glasses with liquor and if you’re really hardcore, fill 5 of them with liquor and one with water.

After the shot glasses are filled, they should be shuffled. To maintain fairness, I suggest one player shuffling first with the other’s back turned and then the other person doing the same. After shuffling, the glasses should be numbered. You can use playing cards or writing numbers on a piece of paper. Place each shot glass on a number.

Next, you roll a die or choose a number to drink. You can either take turns or decide to take the shots at the same time but after drinking, you can either refill the glass with the same contents (and reshuffle) or eliminate it from the lineup until the liquor glass is used. If you end up drinking from the liquor glass, you must also answer a truth or dare. The video explanation is below:

The beer version: