Write For Us

Write For Us

After numerous requests, I’ve decided to open up guest posting here at Keg of Wisdom.

Please take a look around to site to get a feel for what the site is about before emailing me, however.

Guest posting guidelines:

  1. Do not write an article and send it to me requesting for it to be posted. Send me ideas instead and we can discuss if it’s a good fit and move from there.
  2. Topic – I’m pretty relaxed on the topics I post. As mentioned, just submit a few ideas and we can talk. No g*ambling, p*rn or any of that shit though lol.
  3. If accepted, your article may be edited before being published. Usually, its nothing major.
  4. Please keep spelling and grammar errors to a minimum – if you send me a draft that looks like it was written by a four 4 year old, prepare for rejection. Sorry, bud.
  5. Articles must be at least 600 words.
  6. Articles must be completely unique.
  7. The tone of the article must be friendly and lighthearted – this isn’t the Wall Street Journal 🙂

These weren’t so bad, right?

Oh, these guidelines aren’t exhaustive. There may be a few others that I forgot to mention but if they come up, I’ll let you know!

If  you’re ready to talk, get in touch with me at jason@kegofwisdom.com